• Colugo's ARcopter aircraft is the missing link obviating the existence of both the airplane and the helicopters since it got the ability to do VTOL on windy conditions and it is fast, efficient and reliable as an airplane, abilities which makes it best of all breed.Colugo developed few patented technologies that allows the ARCOPTER VTOL to VTOL safely and accurately on windy conditions unlike any other VTOL in the history of aviation.Patented Adaptive Wing Technology

Main feature

  • VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing)means no runways on any terrain.

  • Fully Autonomous operation., no pilot needed

       - lands, charges itself, and resumes mission

  • Self-docking charging station

  • No extra electro-mechanical parts

  • On-board video processing

Future Models

Currently in development, an autonomous passenger aircraft designed to carry up to two passengers (max 200kg). This developmental design is a scale-up based on our current technologies used in The Bird platforms